CSJ premieres SRHR documentary on Malawi’s top television channels

Centre for Solutions Journalism (CSJ) makes another positive move in disseminating information on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)  when it premieres a documentary titled M’dula Moyo wa Chinunu (Silent Killer on the Prowl) on Thursday night.

According to CSJ the documentary premieres on TTV, Zodiak and Mzati TV channels from 8.30 pm on Thursday, April 23.

Based on true life stories of women who died due to pregnancy-related causes in Lilongwe and in Blantyre, the documentary highlights how a 30-year-old woman suffered the consequences of the government’s failure to review colonial abortion laws.

In the documentary, a panga-wielding thug attacks and drags Abiti Yaya Wisikesi into a maize field. The hoodlum rapes her despite her desperate attempts to shoot for help.

What happens next?

Traumatised, Yaya struggles to ensure her husband does not get wind of the rape incident. 

Starring Evelyn Mkandawire as Yaya, the documentary articulates how maternal mortality despite being preventable is sending many women to their early graves.

Emily Malinga Banda and Brian Ligomeka co-wrote the documentary which features some prominent people including Inkosi Mabulabo Jere as part of the cast.

Besides being beamed on Times Television, Zodiak and Mzati, it will also be streamed and uploaded on social media platforms.

“In a month, we will screen the documentary in rural areas where maternal mortality is high,” said Ligomeka

Ligomeka, who leads Centre for Solutions Journalism, said the high rates of women’s deaths due to pregnant-related causes prompted the organisation to produce the documentary.

“Maternal mortality in this country is high. It is sad that out of every 100,000 pregnant women in this country, 439 die before, during or soon after giving birth,” he said.

According to Ligomeka, CSJ projects a million Malawians to watch the documentary on the three television channels.

“We have partnered with popular television channels, namely Times and Zodiak. These two have a huge following in urban areas. We are also using Mzati Television because of its popularity in several rural districts,” he said.

Centre for Solutions Journalism has produced M’dula Moyo wa Chinunu with the financial support of Grand Challenges Canada and the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada (GAC)”.