CSJNEWS calls for enactment of Malawi’s new abortion law

CSJNEWS Executive Director Brian Ligomeka calls for abortion law review in a health programme


Saving women’s lives should not be a matter of debate but rather a matter of priority and decisive action.  This is the message which Centre for Solutions Journalism (CSJNEWS)  executive director Brian Ligomeka made when he was interviewed on the new Termination of Pregnancy Bill by prolific reproductive health journalist Josephine Chinele in the studios of Times Radio. According to Ligomeka it was a pity that in the 21st century poor women continue to use poisonous substances, cassava sticks, knitting crotchets and even bicycle spokes to induce abortions when few right tablets can be used to terminate pregnancies. “Let’s stop being hypocritical. Research by the University of Malawi and the Guttmacher Institute shows that over 141,000 abortions occurred in Malawi in 2015. This means we have a big problem whose part of solution lies in liberalizing abortion laws. Let abortion laws be liberalized in order to save women’s lives,” Ligomeka said.