Woman in eastern Malawi jailed for aiding daughter’s defilement

Mangochi, Malawi

A Magistrate’s Court in eastern Malawi’s district of Mangochi has jailed Mayi Ujeni (name altered for ethical reasons) for five years for supporting her husband’s defilement of her 14-year-old daughter.

State Prosecutor, Sub Inspector Maggie Chibulire told the court that when the convict remarried in 2012, she brought her six children (from her previous marriage) into the new one.

Chibulire added that the convict never took any action when she realised that her husband was defiling her daughter.

She also told the court that Mayi Ujeni and her husband forced the daughter to use a contraceptive method as part of their plan to ensure that the husband continued defiling the daughter.

Chibulire, however, pleaded not guilty and denied the charges, prompting the state to parade three witnesses who testified against her beyond doubt that she was party to the act of defilement.

In mitigation, Mai Ujeni asked the court to be lenient on the ground that her children would suffer if the court jailed her.

Senior Resident Magistrate Rodrick Michongwe condemned the act and sentenced Mai Ujeni to five years imprisonment to deter other would-be offenders. 

 Commenting on the development, Centre for Solutions Journalism executive director Penelope Paliani Kamanga hailed the court for the punishment.

“Rape is a serious crime, and the courts should continue slapping the offenders with stiff sentences. Mothers have a responsibility of protecting their children, including daughters, from domestic violence, and it is sad to learn that some mothers, due to various reasons, end up being accomplices in such crime,” she said. Mana